It just keeps getting worse!

By Dan Gartland
December 20, 2018

Why are we writing about the Kent Women’s Plate, the local cup competition for teams based in Southeast England competing in the seventh tier and below? Because this own goal surrendered by Prince of Wales against Maidstone United is as inept as any you’ll ever see. 

Maidstone is the team in yellow and put together a pretty solid build-up, but things went horribly awry as the ball approached the Prince of Wales goal. 

Let’s count all the things that went wrong there.

• The Prince of Wales keeper mistimes her clearance.
• The defender whiffs on her attempted clearance.
• The Maidstone attacker fails to make solid contact on the shot attempt.
• Prince of Wales’s last hope on defense falls to the ground and nudges the ball into the goal.

Sadly, things only got worse for Prince of Wales after that. Maidstone went on to win 12–0 and advance to the quarterfinals. 

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