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July 11, 2019

UEFA have revealed exactly how an estimated €2.55bn (£2.29bn) in prize money will be split between the clubs competing in the Champions League and Europa League in 2019/20.

With the figure derived from expected competition revenue of €3.25bn, UEFA has confirmed that €2.04bn will be distributed as prize money to Champions League teams, with €510m split between those in the Europa League.


The sizeable difference between the prize pots further underlines the importance of qualifying for the top competition in order to avoid missing out on the much more lucrative revenue stream.

Immediately prior to the group stage, the six losers in the Champions League playoff round will each receive a fixed payment of €5m. The winner will not actually receive anything for that round, but qualifying for the tournament proper brings with it vast sums.

Any national champions that don't reach the group stage of either the Champions League or Europa League will get €260,000 as well as amounts due for participating in qualifying rounds.

Money will be paid to Champions League clubs in lots of different ways. Simply reaching the group stage alone will trigger a payment of €15.25m, of which €14.5m is paid up front.

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Every group stage win is worth €2.7m and each draw is worth €900,000. Any undistributed money from draws will be pooled and shared between all clubs in the group stage in amounts proportionate to their number of wins - win more, earn more.

There is another €9.5m for every club that reaches the round of 16, €10.5m per club for the quarter-finals, €12m per club in the semis, €15m per club in the final, plus €4m for the winners.

Going all the way will therefore be worth €66.25m, before group stages results are counted.

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On top of that, UEFA estimates there will be €585m to share between the 32 competing clubs based on their 10-year coefficient ranking, essentially rewarding teams for their performances over the course of the last decade. The lowest-ranked club will get €1.108m and the highest-ranked - Real Madrid - will get a further €35.46m from this alone.

Then there is a share of UEFA's market pool, worth €292m in 2019/20. That pot is distributed based on the proportional value of each TV market represented by competing clubs. Teams will also get a greater share the higher they finished in their domestic league last season.

The Europa League prize money follows the same system, but the amounts are much smaller.

There is €2.92m for every club in the group stage, with €570,000 for every group stage win and €190,000 for a draw. Group winners also get a €1m bonus, with runners-up getting €500,000.

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The round of 32 is worth €500,000 to each club, followed by €1.1m for the round of 16, €1.5m for the quarter-finals, €2.4m for the semi-finals, €4.5m for the final and an additional €4m for winning it all.

Therefore, lifting the trophy is worth €17.92m in basic prize money - assuming the club won its group - before group stage results are accounted for. The difference between that and the much more lucrative Champions League is stark.

The total coefficient ranking pot for the Europa League is €84m and the market pool is €168m, both of which are shared between clubs using the same principles as in the Champions League.

Winning either the Champions League or Europa League in 2019/20 will mean a place in the 2020 UEFA Super Cup, and that comes with €3.5m, plus a further €1m for winning it.

2019/20 Champions League & Europa League UEFA Prize Money/Revenue:

Champions League Europa League
Preliminary Round €230,000 each €220,000 each
First Qualifying Round €280,000 each €240,000 each
Second Qualifying Round €380,000 each €260,000 each
Third Qualifying Round €480,000* each €280,000 each
Playoff Round €5m** each €300,000** each
Group Stage €15.25m €2.92m each
Round of 32 n/a €500,000 each
Round of 16 €9.5m each €1.1m each
Quarter Finals €10.5m each €1.5m each
Semi Finals €12m each €2.4m each
Final €15m each €4.5m each
Winner €4m €4m
Coefficient Ranking (shared) €585m €84m
Market Pool (shared) €292m €168m
Super Cup (+ win bonus) €3.5m (+€1m) €3.5m (+€1m)

*Clubs eliminated from Champions path only

**Eliminated clubs only

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