It's been a crazy day in Tucson.

By Jenna West
September 21, 2019

It might be a college football Saturday, but Arizona soccer was on upset alert.

Arizona warned its fans on Twitter that the petting zoo event scheduled for its game against TCU might be canceled due to unusual circumstances. The petting zoo animals "escaped at a previous event and are currently being chased through the streets of Tucson." We are not making this up. We couldn't if we wanted to.

Arizona followed up its bizarre tweet with a quote tweet that said, "Be on the lookout." Did it want fans to be on the lookout for an update or keep an eye out for animals running loose in the streets of Tucson? Either way, it'd be pretty alarming to be walking down the street and see a herd of sheep and goats running at you.

Thanks to some hard-hitting investigative journalism that we're known for at Sports Illustrated, we can confirm that the petting zoo event is back on at Arizona. Chris McLain of Rockin' Star Ranch said 15 goats and sheep escaped at an earlier event when a staffer went to check on the animals. The zoo animals "made a break" for it when the staffer opened the gate, but they were later corralled and taken to Arizona's campus.

Phew, what a close call!

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