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Players Take Issue With Early Start Time and Stadium for NWSL Championship

On Sunday, The National Women's Soccer League announced that its championship would be played on Nov. 20 at Providence Park in Portland. Players quickly took issue with both the venue and start time. 

Providence Park is a turf stadium and that the championship match would begin at 9 a.m. PST. Players Ashley Harris, Jessica McDonald, Jessica Fishlock, Rachel Corsie, Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris were among the disgruntled who took to Twitter with their frustrations.

"Nine a.m. start is laughable," Harris said in a Tweet. "We deserve better."

Multiple players had issues with playing in a turf stadium instead of grass as well. 

"Adding two new franchises next season with beautiful grass stadiums all around the country — moving in a great direction and then we choose turf to play the final of the best league in the world?" Krieger said. 

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Former player and OL Reign manager Laura Harvey chimed in as well. 

"Please, please, please change that," Harvey said. "It's not okay for any team! Showcase our amazing league and athletes the way they deserve!"

It may not be that simple, though. The CBS time slot is so early because college football is at 3:30 ET every Saturday during the fall. And the reason why the game is on the West Coast is reportedly because it was the only remaining option. 

NWSL teams bid to host the championship and the only east coast teams that bid for the final were Orlando and Louisville but both withdrew their bids, according to The Athletic's Meg Linehan. Portland was the last remaining bid, per the report. Despite the outrage and disappointment, the NWSL may be trapped in a corner. 

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