Wrexham's Hollywood Owners Front Up About Significant Financial Losses

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney spoke to The Mirror about the financial losses the two have dealt with since purchasing Wrexham in Nov. 2020.
Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney opened up about their finances after purchasing Wrexham.
Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney opened up about their finances after purchasing Wrexham. / Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Wrexham owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney opened up to The Mirror about just how much money they've lost since purchasing the Welsh club.

The Hollywood duo bought Wrexham bought Wrexham in Nov. 2020 for $2.5 million. The Welsh club has gained popularity all over the world thanks to the Welcome to Wrexham docuseries on FX. Wrexham recently achieved a second successive promotion moving up to EFL League One, the third tier of the English system.

The third season of Welcome to Wrexham debuts Thursday, May. 2 on FX and will chronicle this year's season which, knowing the outcome, should have fans excited. Though, Reynolds and McElhenney recently opened up about the finances behind the scenes since purchasing the club.

"You want to know, like how far in the red I am? It's pretty significant. It's true that in the beginning when we asked our advisors if this was a good economic investment, there was not one person that I can remember that was like, 'Yes.' It was more like, 'Don't,'" McElhenney said to The Mirror.

Reynolds reiterated that the duo were never in it to make money. "I think we recognize how lucky we are that we can be in this position where it isn't about making money or any of those things. I mean, you have to be in a pretty privileged spot to be able to do this, to begin with. But eventually, you know, as we climb up the leagues, we're going to need outside help in order to sustain this club."

Reynolds and McElhenney also recently purchased a stake in Liga MX's Club Nexaca which has a host of celebrity investors including Eva Longoria, Odell Beckham Jr, Justin Verlander and Kate Upton.

Max Mallow