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It All Starts Here with Tony Hawk

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Tony Hawk has spent his entire life defying the laws of gravity. But there's one rule he just can't seem to break: Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. "I think I apply the same amount of dedication to raising Lola as I do to skating," says Hawk. "We try to conform our lives to suit her sometimes–maybe a little too much."

The most iconic skateboarder in history, Tony Hawk is a true living legend who is still adding to his legacy thanks to his unmatched longevity. Even now, the 54-year-old is innovating tricks in his backyard skatepark–as long as Lola, his 10-year-old chocolate Lab/pit bull mix, doesn't get in the way. "She'll sit on top of the pyramid just sunning herself and we have to work around that," says Hawk. "I think a lot of her life, we have to work around what she wants."

Thankfully, Lola has simple desires: plenty of playtime, petting, and Purina Pro Plan Sport.

"She knows, like, as soon as the bag opens, and she's right there," says Hawk with a laugh. "You can actually hear her tail wagging in the other room when I open a bag of Pro Plan Sport, I'm not kidding!"

Thanks to her Pro Plan Sport Senior Formula diet, Lola is healthy, happy, and always on the move and in the center of the action at a house built on action sports. No, she won't scale the ramp, but she will put on a harness leash and embrace her inner sled dog with Tony in tow on a skateboard. Without a pesky bipedal human holding her back, Lola loves going as fast as she can with four­wheeled Tony as her trailer.

"I honestly think that that Lola might have more energy than me at this point because I only really skate actively once a day," says Hawk, "and she's ready to do something active at all times, she's ready to go hard. And if I go and skate and I get tired and I sweat-that's it. That's all you're getting from me for the day."

In fact, Tony says the only thing Lola loves more than skating is breakfast. "She's like an alarm clock with a slow build–she has this sort of grunt to try to get you up. And if that doesn't work, it'll be like a slight whine. And then if that doesn't work, she goes to the bark and that always works.

"And then she leads me to the kitchen and then it's Pro Plan Sport time," says Hawk with a hearty laugh. "That's really how it goes."