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We don't have any current games to watch. But we do have old ones. And with ESPN and other networks having to turn to re-airing events from the past, I caught up with an old friend to discuss which one we would most want to re-live; over and over.

For ESPN and YES Network play-by-play announcer Ryan Ruocco the choice was the end of a would-be undefeated season. Of course that being the New York Giants 17-14 win over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. 

A great pick indeed as that instant classic had everything including the iconic David Tyree "Helmet Catch". Not to mention it began the birth of one of sports talk's greatest hits, should Eli Manning make the Hall of Fame? He definitely should by the way. Both big games between the G-Men and Pats were great, but the first will always have a special place.

For me, the selection was game six of the NBA Finals in 2013. Of course a contest that saw Ray Allen hit a shot which in many ways altered the course of sports history.

But aside from the ramifications it was an individual game that had so many moments. LeBron James leading the team back, Mike Miller losing his shoe, Bosh's rebound and obviously Jesus Shuttlesworth. 

He's got game. And we had many to choose from. However, the above are the selections if it came down to only one. 

And sometimes you only get one shot to lose yourself in the moment.