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Fernando Rodney "shot the arrow" and then lost the arrow, and the game, for the Mariners 

By Extra Mustard
July 20, 2014

Fernando Rodney Matt Hasselbeck-ed himself and the Mariners into a bad ending during their come-from-ahead loss to the Angels on Sunday. Rodney inexplicably made his trademark "shooting the arrow" gesture, which signifies he's completed a game-winning save situation, in the eighth inning. This apparently didn't sit well with the Angels, who promptly scored two runs in the bottom of the ninth, including a walk-off Grant Green single. 

Albert Pujols drove in Mike Trout with a double to tie the game, and Pujols couldn't resist shooting an arrow of his own when he pulled up at second base. The move might be the greatest troll of the recently resurrected slugger's career. 

The move prompted cajoling from Los Angeles Times' Chris Dufresne, and less content remarks from Mariners reporter Shannon Drayer, who contended Rodney was confused as to the number of innings the Mariners played in today's game because of Friday's and Saturday's interminable 16- and 12-inning contests between the two teams, respectively. 

This whole incident probably won't stem the tide of dislike between Rodney and his former manager Mike Scioscia, who was visibly pleased Sunday by his team's come-from-behind win. 

- Will Green

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