The Anti-Sportsman

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Barry BondsWhy he made it: Surly slugger blighted greatest record in pro sports; indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice.Anti-Sportsman rating (out of 10): 10

Tim DonaghyWhy he made it: Odious official passed along inside information on NBA games, pleaded guilty to two federal charges related to the investigation.Anti-Sportsman rating: 10Michael VickWhy he made it: Killed dogs -- and the Falcons' franchise.Anti-Sportsman rating:10.

Bill BelichickWhy he made it: Cantankerous coach was fined the NFL maximum of $500,000 (and New England was ordered to pay $250,000) for spying on/videotaping an opponent's defensive signals.Anti-Sportsman rating: 9

Don ImusWhy he made it: Sexagenarian shock jock called Rutgers women's basketball team "nappy-headed hos" following their loss to Tennessee in NCAA championship game. Also makes the list for last being funny in 1972.Anti-Sportsman rating: 9

Isiah ThomasWhy he made it: Co-defendant in a sexual harassment lawsuit that ended with an $11.6 million judgment against Madison Square Garden. (The case is being appealed); he and team owner James Dolan have turned the Knicks into a late-night punch line.Anti-Sportsman rating: 9

Marion JonesWhy she made it: Disgraced golden girl of track finally confessed to taking performance-enhancing drugs after years of denials; pleaded guilty in October to lying to federal investigators.Anti-Sportsman rating: 8.5

Steve Downie:Why he made It: The Philadelphia Flyers rookie launched himself, Scud-missile style, into Ottawa's Dean McAmmond during a preseason game, concussing the Senators' veteran; this is the kind of mindless "just finishing my check" act that allows hockey to live up, or down, to its reputation. Anti-Sportsman rating: 8

Nick SabanWhy he made it: Unlikeable Alabama football coach likened losses to Mississippi State and Louisiana-Monroe to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. Real slick, Nick. Anti-Sportsman rating: 8

Scott BorasWhy he made it: Arrogant agent announced AlexRodriguez's opt-out during the World Series finale, ultimately leading A-Rod to give him the slip while heading back to the Yankees with hat in hand.Anti-Sportsman rating: 7.5

Hope SoloWhy she made it: Garrulous goalie called out then-coach Greg Ryan and teammate Brianna Scurry. Solo insisted the result of a World Cup game against Brazil would have been different had she not been benched for Scurry.Anti-Sportsman rating: 6.5

Alex Rodriguez:Why he made it: Selfish slugger hijacked the World Series by having his agent announce he was opting out of his Yankee contract; earns points for reaching out to the club without Boras.Anti-Sportsman Rating: 5