Matt Kosterman/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Sometimes Hollywood nails sporting predictions, other times it completely missed the mark.

By Jacob Feldman
November 16, 2018

This story appears in the FUTURE ISSUE, the Nov. 19–26, 2018, edition of Sports Illustrated.

What does the future hold for sports? Is it gene splicing? Positionless football? While no one can say for sure, this package presents a pragmatic look at the people and trends we expect to dominate the next era. For more great prognosticating and storytelling, subscribe to the magazine—and get up to 94% off the cover price. Click here for more.

How good is Hollywood at predicting the future in sports? We assessed its bravest attempts, based on the boldness and accuracy of the forecast. Hover over the boxes below to see more details about each prediction. 

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