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Daily Bagel: Venus Williams opens up about Sjogren's syndrome

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• It's not the Aussie tennis season until we get a video of Kim Clijsters cradling a koala in Brisbane. Don't worry, Jada. You're still mommy's favorite.

• The Daily Mail has a preview of Venus Williams' upcoming interview in People Magazine, wherein she discusses her bout with Sjogren's syndrome. "I've been going hard the past few weeks and it scares me, I need to avoid stress or I'll get sicker and go backwards." Forwards, not backwards, Venus. Take all the time you need.

• David Ferrer may be "dogged," but he's also very well-read. "I think it is more important to be a thinker than a sportsman. Sports is only a job. My job is to play tennis, but I prefer to make a good thinker than to be better as a sportsman." That's a good egg.

• Peter Bodo has some nice things to say about the ever-fledgling career of Ana Ivanovic, and takes a bit of detour to ponder whether the WTA's marketing strategy creates "divas." I generally agree with his take on Ivanovic's maturity and ability to stay grounded, but I am left to question one thing, which may be a semantic nit-pick: What's wrong with being a talented, strong-minded woman who expects nothing but the best for herself, i.e., a diva?

• The USTA estimates it has invested $75,000 in Alex Bogomolov's development over the years. In light of Bogomolov's defection, the USTA is kindly requesting full reimbursement from the Russian Federation.

• Matt Cronin taps 12 players that could make a move in 2012.

• How about this for a scary headline: 'Marian Vajda: 'Novak Djokovic to become more aggressive''. Djokovic's coach told Sky Sports News that he wants his star pupil to be more aggressive and charge the net. Buckle up, folks, this could be interesting.

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