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Roger Federer's 2012 Wimbledon shoes auctioning for astonishing price

Roger Federer is auctioning a pair of signed shoes for his foundation. (eBay)

Roger Federer shoes

What is up with the obsession with Roger Federer's shoes? To commemorate his record-breaking 287th week at No. 1 in June, Nike released a limited-edition shoe that ended up selling for more than $4,000 on eBay. Perhaps recognizing the public's feverish appetite for his footwear, Federer has wisely decided to use his power for good.

Federer is auctioning off an autographed pair of his custom-made RF Nike shoes, which he wore on his way to becoming the 2012 Wimbledon champion. Proceeds from the sale will go to the Roger Federer Foundation. (I think it's safe to assume his foundation is nothing like The Human Fund.) As of this writing, the shoes had already received three bids, putting the current price at 11,099 Swiss Francs.

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Me, being one who has absolutely no concept of the value of the Swiss Franc, assumed that it was like, oh I don't know, five Swiss Francs to a dollar. That would be incorrect: 11,099 CHF roughly converts to $11,820 U.S. dollars. And that's with one week still to go for the auction.

it's gotta be the shoes