By Jon Wertheim
January 10, 2014
Chris Trotman/Getty Images

According to Mittleman, he and Sergio Giorgi seized on a better idea: They would find private sponsors to invest in Camila's career. While the terms of these relationships vary, they are fairly common in tennis, particularly among players of modest means. A benefactor, not unlike the owner of shares in a racehorse, fronts the money for training and travel in exchange for a cut of future earnings.

Camila Giorgi's father, Sergio, has looked for new ways to get his daughter funding so that she can stay on Tour.
USA Today Sports
Giorgi is ranked No. 97, but has had a hard time finding corporate sponsors to help with her expenses.

"It's one of those deals where they take care of all the expenses," the source says. "It won't cost her a cent."

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