Maria Sharapova gets a confusing World Cup marriage proposal

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LONDON -- Maria Sharapova says she's tried to avoid World Cup fever, but no matter how hard she tries, she can't get away. Sharapova's international team of coaches and trainers have commandeered her living room to watch the games at night, which means the French Open champion is surrounded by it whether she likes it or not. 

"I enjoy watching with a group of people that get excited about it," she said. "I've personally never been a huge fan of football in my career. I always feel like I'm always missing the goals. It's like I watched for 35 minutes and I didn't see a goal, and all of a sudden I grab a sip of tea and there is the goal and I miss the goal."

Sharapova was watching on Thursday night as her Russian side took on Algeria and she got a nice surprise:

See? World Cup isn't that boring, Maria.