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SI Vault Podcast: Jon Wertheim on 'Unsinkable,' a Titanic story

The second edition of the SI Vault Podcast goes inside the story of "Unsinkable," which tells the tale of two tennis Hall of Famers who survived the sinking of the Titanic.  
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SI Vault: The tale of two American tennis aces who survived the Titanic

Welcome to the second episode of the SI Vault Podcast, where you can not only listen to some of the best stories in Sports Illustrated history but also hear insider accounts of the stories themselves from the people who made them happen.

In today's edition, Sports Illustrated executive editor Jon Wertheim joins host Ted Keith to discuss "Unsinkable," Wertheim's April 2, 2012 piece about tennis Hall of Famers Karl Behr and Richard Williams, who survived the sinking of the Titanic.

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For years, even among tennis fans, the saga of Behr and Williams was little known and rarely discussed, so Wertheim's story brought it to a wider audience for the first time. He discusses how he learned about their harrowing experience and what happened to them afterward, how he recreated one of the most historic nights of the 20th century 100 years after the ship went down and what impact writing the story had on him. You can also stick around after the interview with Wertheim to hear the story itself.