Australian Open 2016 Daily Data Viz: IBM and bring you data-driven infographics on matchups, match stats and more.

By Staff
January 18, 2016

From social media data, to information about the weather and attendance in Melbourne Park, to on-court data points like serve speed or court distance, IBM technologies covers all aspects of the game to help to bring the digits of tennis to life at the Australian Open tournament in Melbourne.

For 2016, has once again partnered with IBM to bring readers data-driven infographics and visualizations that help fully tell each storyline at the Australian Open. For two weeks in January, and IBM will bring the matches in Melbourne Park to life in the most engaging ways possible by using data analytics on serve speeds, court temperatures, scores, player match-ups and more. Over 41 million data points provide new ways—for both players and fans—to look at the game and evaluate the odds of winning a match.

Click below to view the different types of graphics, and be sure to check's tennis page for the latest Australian Open news and scores. 

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