Novak Djokovic surprises women’s locker room at French Open with roses

Another apparent act of sportsmanship at the French Open came in the form of two bouquets of roses delivered to the women's locker room. 
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Sportsmanship appears to be running high at the French Open on Thursday. First there was Juan Martin del Potro comforting Nico Almagro after Almagro injured his knee. And then there was... a special delivery to the women's locker room. British tennis player Naomi Broady posted an Instagram of two bouquets of roses she said came courtesy of Novak Djokovic. 

Now, it remains unclear what compelled the world's second-ranked men's singles player to send the flowers to the locker room of his female counterparts. But Broady's post jokingly put the onus on top-ranked Andy Murray to follow suit. 

The post came in advance of Broady's doubles match with Maria Sanchez against Martina Hingis and Yung-Jan Chan.