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After beating Karen Khachanov on Monday at the French Open, Andy Murray spoke about his fitness, the impact terrorism on the U.K. and more.

By Jon Wertheim
June 05, 2017

Andy Murray won on Monday over promising 21-year-old Russian Karen Khachanov. As usual, he played his best when the situation called for it. As usual, he worse a dour mask on the court. As usual, he had a few choice remarks for his section. As usual, he was thoughtful and endearing the minute the match ended.

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There are some athletes whom you admire when they compete; and then they are otherwise jerks who command little respect. Murray may be the opposite. His on-court demeanor may be an acquired taste, but you’d hard be pressed to find a better bloke after the match. Herewith some outtakes from a Tennis Channel interview today:


“Its tough because especially when it’s close to where you live. Maybe it affects you more because you think that could be you or people that you know,” Murray said. “It’s been a tough week for the U.K. obviously but I think they showed pretty good solidarity….You just have to try to stay strong and hopefully try to find some solutions for these issues.”

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