By Courtney Nguyen
July 12, 2013

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• Video: More from tennis impressionist Josh Berry, who visited the ESPN set during Wimbledon.

• In his first tournament back from being hospitalized for viral meningitis, Ivo Karlovic is into the quarterfinals of Newport and will face John Isner Friday. He spoke to ATP World Tour about the illness.

“I woke up and my arm was numb,” the 34-year-old Croatian recalled in Newport. “Then my wife [Alsi] asked me I don’t even remember what. I was slurring, so she called the paramedics.

“They gave me IV [therapy] and I felt good. But when they left, I began to vomit a lot and had headaches, so I went to hospital.

“They released me after one hour, but later that evening the numbness and pain returned. I became less and less conscious. I returned to hospital again. I don’t know what happened after that.”

Karlovic's condition wasn't diagnosed until three days later and this marks his ATP World Tour return at Newport.

“The doctor’s didn’t really know if I would recover 100 per cent. I was unconscious for a long time. I didn’t know my name or what year it was. I was in a lot of pain. My right arm and my face was numb.

“Headaches lasted almost 10 days. I recalled my name after four days and the numbness disappeared after five days.”

• How a 41-year-old tennis book is still going strong as a self-help phenomenon.

• Peter Bodo on Cliff Drysdale and Charlie Pasarell, two founding fathers of Open Era tennis who will be inducted into the International Hall of Fame this weekend.

With Martina Hingis set to be inducted in the International Hall of Fame, here are some of her best moments and below are classic articles on her from the SI Vault:

• Hingis turns pro: Sally Jenkins, Proceed with Caution: Martina Hingis turned pro and another 14-year old, Venus Williams, is about to, though almost everyone agrees they're too young.

• Hingis wins her first Slam at the 1997 Australian Open: Alexander Wolff, Star Turns.

• Hingis achieves No. 1: S.L. Price, Over the Top.

• Hingis wins the 1997 U.S. Open: S.L. Price, Venus Envy.

• Hingis loses the 1999 French Open final: S.L. Price, String Quartet.

• Hingis loses in the first round of Wimbledon in 1999: S.L. Price, Coming Unstrung.

• Hingis mounts her comeback: Jon Wertheim, Snappy Comeback

• More on Hingis' comeback: S.L. Price, The Seven-Year Itch


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