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Report: Big Cass Disobeyed Vince McMahon in Segment With Little Person

Cass was only supposed to hit him with a big boot, not continue the beatdown with a flurry of fists. 

Big Cass went off script during last week’s episode of SmackDown and the decision makers at WWE aren’t happy, Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin reports.

On the May 1 episode of SmackDown, Cass called out Daniel Bryan in an in-ring promo in advance of their match at Backlash. When Cass called for Bryan to come to the ring, a little person wearing Bryan’s ring gear walked down the ramp. Cass then made a bunch of “short” and “little” puns before knocking down the fake Bryan down with a kick. That was all according to plan.

Cass’s idea for the segment, though, was to go a little further and rough the little person up with some punches, according to Satin. He asked people backstage if he could do that and was told no, according to the report, and then went over their heads and asked Vince McMahon for permission. Vince shot him down, too, but Cass didn’t listen. He ended up hitting the impersonator with a flurry of fists anyway. (The video embedded above cuts off before that point, which is telling.)

“Backstage officials were very unhappy” with Cass’s freelancing, Satin reports.

WWE was expected to give Cass a push after he returned from a torn ACL last month but he lost his match to Bryan at Backlash and then was absent from SmackDown this week. He has the look and the ring skills necessary to be a main event-caliber WWE wrestler, but Cass could have done himself a major disservice by disrespecting the people responsible for determining his future with the company.