Dalton Castle is one of Ring of Honor’s brightest stars. In a wrestling landscape dominated by the Bullet Club, Castle is the “Party Peacock” and moves to an entirely different rhythm.

Although he had a cup of coffee in TNA Impact Wrestling, Castle is best known for his work in ROH. He is wrestling’s version of glam rock, with musical acts Freddie Mercury and The Darkness serving as inspirations for his wrestling persona. His commitment to the character has helped lead to his first run as ROH world champion.

Castle has the rare ability to deliver comedy in a match while still holding true to the principals of pro wrestling, primarily due to his skill in the ring. Accompanied by his “Boys,” who serve as Castle’s ringside attendants, his over-the-top entrances are designed to capture your attention, but Castle’s true gift is in the ring.

Age — 32 years old

Born on March 4, 1986 as Brett Giehl just outside of Rochester, New York in the sleepy town of Greece. The town’s motto is “Discover the Promise”, but for Castle, the joy has been discovering his potential in wrestling.

“A lot of Dalton Castle is me, internally,” said Castle. “I’ve always demanded attention, one way or another.”

Body mass — Svelte

Listed at 6’0” and 211 pounds, Castle is freakishly strong.

Castle shares some in-ring similarities to WWE legend Kurt Angle. Castle’s roots, like Angle, are on the wrestling mat. He was an amateur wrestling star in high school and college.

College prepared Castle for wrestling career

A degree in communications and theater from the State University of New York at Cortland helped Castle tap into his creativity. He had the chance to show off that charisma by working as a disc jockey in Albany, New York, and created “The Traveling Tights,” which allowed fans to see wrestling from the perspective of the talent.

Defeated Cody Rhodes for the Ring of Honor title at Final Battle in December of 2017

Castle upset Rhodes this past December at Final Battle, but his first real break in ROH occurred in 2015 when he challenged Television champion Jay Lethal.

Pro wrestling career — Chikara and ROH

In addition to ROH, Castle is also known for his work in Chikara from 2013–2015, where he wrestled as Ashley Remington.

“You go at something for almost a decade, and the development doesn’t happen overnight,” said Castle. “For me to be at a point where I’m so comfortable and so confident in who I am. It takes so long to find your voice in wrestling. I can improve always, and I know I’m going to be better. I’m great now, but I’m going to be fabulous.”

All About ‘The Boys’

Although Castle first had women accompany him to the ring, he found that men fit the role in a more fitting manner.

“I’ve always got to be confident in my Boys,” said Castle. “How strong are they? Can I use them as stairs? Are they going to be able to support me? Are their arms like rich mahogany?”

Castle and The Boys won the ROH six-man titles in June of 2017, ultimately dropping the belts to the Young Bucks and “Hangman” Adam Page.

Flair for the dramatic

Known for his memorable entrances, Castle even built the chariot that was used at Final Battle 2016 when The Boys carried him to the ring.

“The next level for me is to be seen by more people,” said Castle. “I want the moon. I also want a big fancy swimming pool that’s custom-made and has a waterfall that I can jump off. I don’t how that relates to wrestling, but I’m sure it does somehow.”

He also offers a vast skillset in the ring, with his most impactful moves the Deadlift German Suplex and the Bang-A-Rang, which is a spinning facebuster, and a powerful belly-to-belly suplex.

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