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Report: WWE Cleared In Concussions Lawsuit By Former Pro Wrestlers

Judge Vanessa L. Bryant dismissed all lawsuits again the WWE.

The WWE earned a key legal victory on Monday afternoon as a Connecticut district court dismissed all lawsuits against the organization regarding their "alleged lack of protection when it came to performers in regard to their health," reports

Led by lead plaintiff and former wrestler Joe "Road Warrior Animal Laurinaitis", the suit brought by 53 plaintiffs claimed the WWE — along with WWWF and WWF — did not provide adequate protection for its performers in relation to concussions, CTE and head-trauma injuries.

Judge Vanessa L. Bryant of the United States District Court of Connecticut dismissed those claims in a 39-page ruling on Friday afternoon, voiding all lawsuits against the WWE relating to head trauma.

Friday's ruling cleared the wrestling organizations of liability in relation to their knowledge and action regarding CTE in particular. While some former wrestlers did exhibit signs of the disease following their careers, Friday's ruling read, in part, "the Court is also unwilling to find that the diagnosis of one wrestler with CTE is sufficient to imbue WWE with actual awareness of a probable link between wrestling and CTE."

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Bryant criticized lead attorney Konstantine Kyros in her ruling, stating his, "repeated failures to comply with the clear, and unambiguous provisions of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure ... has resulted in a considerable waste of the Court’s and the Defendants’ time and resources."