Roman Reigns: ‘I Was So Nervous’ Giving Leukemia Update on Raw

“Last night, I think because it was so close to the vest, the perfectionist came out in me.”
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Seven years as one of WWE’s top stars couldn’t prepare Roman Reigns for the emotional announcement he had to give Monday night on Raw

Reigns, who had spent four months away from WWE while battling leukemia, opened the show by announcing that his cancer was in remission. He appeared Tuesday morning on Good Morning America to discuss the announcement and his leukemia battle with Robin Roberts, herself a cancer survivor. Reigns admitted in the interview that he “was so nervous” standing in front of the crowd in Atlanta to deliver the good news. 

“I was nervous last night, though,” Reigns said. “I don’t even get nervous. I’m fine right now. Main events at WrestleMania, all good. But last night, I think because it was so close to the vest, the perfectionist came out in me, the OCD came out. But everybody was so great. The love through this whole process, the support is what was really overwhelming.”

Reigns also revealed that the first people to know his cancer was in remission were the kids at Children’s Health of Dallas, the hospital Reigns visited shortly before he announced in October that his cancer had returned. The kids later made a video encouraging Reigns in his fight.