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Mark Henry Vows to Donate His Brain for CTE Research

Mark Henry announced the move on SiriusXM Thursday.

The World's Strongest Man is looking to help make a difference in the world after he dies.

On Thursday, while talking with former wrestler and Concussion Legacy Foundation co-founder Chris Nowinski on SiriusXM's Busted Open, the former World Heavyweight champion announced his plan to donate his brain for CTE research.

"The best way to study the brain is after they pass away, so you can know on a cellular level what's happening," Nowinski said, according to Wrestle Zone. "We just got our 700th brain donation and we're constantly getting athletes to pledge [their brains], so we can build awareness and do studies while they are still alive. We have 5,000 athletes that have pledged their name and it's important to get famous athletes [to spotlight the issue]."

"I definitely want to go on record that I'm donating my brain to the brain bank, and I hope that something good can come out of y'all having my brain," Henry said. "Maybe it will help with figuring out how things work in the future that will benefit my kids and everyone else's kids.... We always want the future to be better for our families and your families, speaking of the fans out there that have kids playing sports. And some of you parents, you weekend warriors. Like, you get a ding, get some help."

Henry added that it shouldn't be "weird" for someone to donate organs for research or medical purposes, noting that he is an organ donor already.

A WWE Hall of Famer, Henry retired from the ring after a 22-year career in 2018.