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WWE wrestler Lars Sullivan has apologized for making a slew of racist, sexist, homophobic and otherwise offensive posts on a message board over the course of six years. 

Posts from two accounts apparently belonging to Sullivan (real name Dylan Miley) were first discovered in November, shortly after WWE began teasing his main-roster debut, and additional posts were unearthed this week by a Reddit user. The messages were posted between 2007 and 2013 under the usernames “Disenfranchised” and “ElPerfecto.” Both profiles include photos of a younger Miley. 

The first comments to be resurfaced include a crass, sexual remark about WWE executive Stephanie McMahon, a crack about another user’s race and a homophobic insult about Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers. In another post Miley says, “there is a grey area when it comes to the definition of rape.”

Miley’s comments received additional scrutiny this week after Reddit user “FarceVacant” rounded up several more message board posts in which Miley disparages Muslims, Hispanics and various WWE wrestlers

“They should be demonized for their religion,” Miley wrote in a thread about Muslims. “They are violent and have a violent agenda against America.”

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“Not be racist, but it seems like white people are more willing to take responsibility of their own lives than blacks and Hispanics, who are all for government hand outs,” another comment reads.

Miley also said that WWE colleagues Kofi Kingston and R-Truth “look like they could be in a prison black gang.”

Big E, who teams with Kofi as part of The New Day, said on Twitter that “many” people in the WWE locker room are aware of Miley’s comments. 

WWE released the following statement on behalf of Miley:

“There is no excuse for the inappropriate remarks that I made years ago. They do not reflect my personal beliefs nor who I am today, and I apologize to anyone I offended.”