Beyond Wrestling’s ‘Uncharted Territory’ Returns April 30 for Season Three

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Beyond Wrestling’s Uncharted Territory returns on Thursday, April 30.

The innovative independent wrestling program will run 13 episodes in its third season, hosted every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET from the White Eagle in Worcester, Massachusetts and broadcast live on Independentwrestling.TV.

Beyond Wrestling founder Drew Cordeiro confirmed that season three will build toward the promotion’s signature Americana show this summer.

“It’s the right time to bring back our weekly Uncharted Territory, and the finale is going to coincide with Americarana on July 26,” said Cordeiro, who added that a fourth season will conclude with the Heavy Lies the Crown show on New Year’s Eve. “We know we have something very special, and we want to focus on cultivating new talent. I want to make sure our plan is strong with a framework for wrestlers to elevate.”

Beyond aired its “Beyond Championship Wrestling” show on Sunday, which ended with an unannounced surprise main event of AEW’s John Silver vs. Tony Deppen for the live crowd. Cordeiro also announced that Beyond will run a show directly against WWE’s WrestleMania on April 5 at 81 Bay Brewery in Tampa, Florida.

“It’s a huge opportunity because there are so many people traveling for WrestleMania weekend that don’t go to WrestleMania,” said Cordeiro. “If we ran on the Thursday before, we’d have run against eight other shows. But running against WrestleMania is something no one has ever done before.

“If you don’t want to go to WrestleMania but still want to support wrestling, this a clear path for you. There will also be a lot of wrestlers available for the show that otherwise wouldn’t have been free. This provides an alternative and lets the wrestling world know we’re doing our thing.”

Beyond’s goal is to help make the entire wrestling industry successful outside of what is happening on the mainstream level, which ties into another announcement Cordeiro made on Sunday—the creation of Beyond’s own wrestling school.

“We’re opening our wrestling school in Worcester, Massachusetts,” said Cordeiro. “We’ll have our own ring, our own infrastructure. Now we can work with wrestlers from the entry level.

“Our goal is to improve the overall wrestling quality of the independent wrestling scene, and by virtue of doing that, get people noticed quicker.”

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