Diamond Dallas Page Taking Coronavirus Very Seriously as His Home State Reopens

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With the local economy struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic, the state of Georgia took a risk last week by lifting restrictions on businesses. Led by governor Brian Kemp, the state attempts to return to its normal pace of life despite the apparent risk of a spike in infections. 

While gyms are allowed to reopen, Diamond Dallas Page’s DDPY Performance Center in Smyrna, Ga., will remain closed.​

“Nothing has changed for me,” said Page, who will continue to run his DDP Yoga virtually. “Have the numbers gone down? Yes, but that’s because everyone had stayed in their house. We’ll know more 30 days from now. Until then, I’m erring on the side of caution.”

A popular wrestling term is describing something that is manufactured, like a feud, as “a work.” Page is frightened by the amount of people that think the coronavirus has been similarly contrived.

“There are people that think this is a work, that it’s a hoax,” said Page. “They’ll tell you it’s not real. Listen, if you die from this, you don’t get to have your family sitting beside you. You have people in hazmat suits like it’s a horror film.

“When I heard what was happening in Italy, I said, ‘F--- this, we’re changing how we’re doing s--- here.’ My daughter, who was holding my little grandbaby in her arms, was next to my girlfriend, and they kind of rolled their eyes at me. And I said, ‘No, this is serious s---.’ I’m not being negative, I just want us to be prepared. Being prepared is a lot different than being scared. I’ll wait as long as needed to be safe.”

Page, who looks fit and trim at the age of 64, is only a few months removed from wrestling a match in AEW and was asked if pro wrestling should still be operating in the current climate.

“They need to be tight on the precautions,” said Page. “If people are being tested and they don’t have it, I understand it a little more.”

Wrestling in empty arenas is a foreign concept to Page, who spent his entire wrestling career working to connect with the audience. And there was no doubt of the crowd’s reaction when Page hit his Diamond Cutter on Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Curt Hennig, or the “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

“It was all about hearing that crowd,” said Page. “The shows now are so different. Back in January, when I wrestled my last time for AEW, I felt sore as s--- after. If you watch me take my dive off the top, my face bounced off the floor. But I didn’t feel a thing because of the adrenaline. Now if that was an empty arena, I would have definitely felt it.”

Page’s connection to wrestling is still airtight. And he continues to have close relationships with stars active in both WWE and AEW, including Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Fish.

“I’ll never forget what wrestling means to me,” said Page. “Without wrestling, none of this ever happens.”

Page is referring to his DDP Yoga empire. In addition to the first-rate workout facility, he also produces content on his DDP Yoga app every day of the week for those seeking a better workout.

Those familiar with Page know his indefatigable spirit and trademark work ethic, and he is particularly passionate about the product he has created and developed for over the past two decades.

“We have training for everyone,” said Page. “Our home workouts, anyone can do it at any level. I’m not sure what is going to happen with gyms, but people have loved using the app we created.

“My workout is amazing for everyone. I have workout videos if you’re still in bed, cooking shows, motivational speeches. I always hear, ‘This can’t be for everyone.’ Well, it is. Whether you’re immobile or you’re as fit as Drew McIntyre, we will make you stronger.”

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