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New Limitless Champion Daniel Garcia Wants to Bring Prestige Back to Independent Wrestling

daniel garcia limitless

Daniel Garcia is the new Limitless World Champion.

The 22-year-old wrestling sensation defeated WWE-bound Christian Casanova for the title at Limitless Wrestling’s Double Vision show, which streamed Friday night on IWTV.

“There was no place other place in the world I wanted to be than in that ring,” said Garcia. “At the end of the match, in that moment, in the middle of an Amvets Hall in Yarmouth, Maine, it just felt right.”

The win validated Garcia’s hard work and sacrifice, which began with Limitless in 2018. Garcia was also fortunate to recover so swiftly from a frightening 2019 car accident, where he suffered a broken right femur as well as broke his fibula and tibia in his left shin and ankle.

“I still draw inspiration from those scars,” said Garcia. “A couple inches differently in that accident, I’m no longer here. I feel so blessed to be here and have the opportunity to do what I love to do.”

The Double Vision card highlighted the essential nature of wrestling’s independent scene. Casanova, who displayed a ring presence rivaled by none of his peers on the indies, reached his current level of excellence through an unrelenting, passionate work ethic. He dedicated six years to Limitless, including working their very first show, and his future in NXT will be appointment-viewing.

The Limitless title match also included history between Casanova and Garcia, a layered story further amplifying the type of content that can be found on the indies. After first meeting in Beyond Wrestling’s Uncharted Territory Discovery Gauntlet in the summer of 2019, a bout which Garcia won convincingly in only 90 seconds, they squared off again this past December at Limitless’ Vacationland Cup show. That was a four-way match for the vacant title, which Casanova won. Double Vision marked the rubber match, as well as Casanova’s farewell. In electric fashion, he did the honors by dropping the belt to an emerging star in Garcia.

“Christian is my brother, and he’s one of my closest friends in pro wrestling,” said Garcia. “He’s helped me so much, and he’s a great wrestler, but he’s an even better person.

“In the ring, he is a modern-day Eddie Guerrero. He’s perfect. He’s good looking, incredibly talented, a little cocky, and you can’t help but appreciate his work. A lot of people all over the world are going to be Christian Casanova fans in the future.”

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The turning point of the match took place when Garcia executed a picturesque piledriver on Casanova. The piledriver has played a crucial role in all of their matches, beginning in their Discovery Gauntlet meeting, where that was the first move Garcia hit on Casanova. During the Vacationland Cup match, Garcia was selling a left shoulder injury following an outstanding match with Lee Moriarty, which limited him to a one-handed piledriver, a move not nearly as effective, illustrated by Casanova fighting back to win the match.

Garcia hit two piledrivers in Friday night’s match. The second, with Casanova’s arms pinned behind his back, signaled the bout’s finishing sequence, and completed their story, at least for the foreseeable future.

“That last piledriver was perfect, and these are the matches and moments we can bring to independent wrestling,” said Garcia. “I take a lot of pride on that, and my goal is to restore the prestige of independent wrestling.”

The meaning of the Limitless title is a testament to what the promotion has built in a precariously short amount of time, putting on compelling shows that spotlight hungry young talent. After debuting the belt in 2019, it has already developed a history of its champions signing with major promotions, as MJF (AEW), Anthony Greene (NXT), and now Casanova have all attained a contract with a major company.

As champion for Limitless, C*4 and Empire State Wrestling, Garcia’s plan is to continue developing on the indies, putting on top-tier matches against a plethora of opponents.

“There has been a great deal of speculation about my future,” said Garcia. “I’ve obviously appeared for AEW and NXT over the past year. Right now, my goal isn’t to sign with a major company—my goal is to become the best independent wrestler in the world.

“I’ve heard too often that, with everyone signing contracts, independent wrestling is dead. With people like Lee Moriarty, Chris Dickinson, Kevin Blackwood, Atticus Cogar and myself leading the charge, I can assure you it’s alive and well. I don’t want to sign anywhere until I’m known as the best independent wrestler in the world.”

Garcia is wrestling seven matches over a three-day span during WrestleMania weekend, as well as traveling to Mexico next month, where he also hopes to defend the Limitless title. Each match serves as another opportunity for him to prove there is no one better in the world at his craft.

“I want to be the best,” said Garcia. “I want to be the workhorse, I want to be undeniable. I still have a lot to prove on the independents, and this run will show I am the best in the world.”

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