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Daniel Garcia Is Emerging as Wrestling's Next Star Following a Gruesome Car Accident

Less than two years after a car accident nearly ended his life, Daniel Garcia is becoming wrestling's premiere talent

After escaping a scene where he was mere inches away from death, Daniel Garcia is now thriving in professional wrestling.

The 22-year-old phenom from Buffalo wrestles Lee Moriarty Saturday in the opening round of Limitless Wrestling’s Vacationland Cup. Garcia plans to put on the match of the night, showcasing a relentless style that leaves no doubt the future of the industry rests in his gifted hands.

Yet, despite his blossoming success, this was all precariously close to never happening.

Following a January 2019 show in Montreal, a car packed with four members of indie wrestling’s “Buffalo Brothers”—Garcia, Kevin Bennett, Puf and Kevin Blackwood—were making their trek back to New York when the car slid on black ice, violently splitting in half after smashing into a guardrail.

“If we hit a few inches over the rail, it would’ve went through the car and hit me directly,” said Garcia. “That was only a couple inches away from the end for me.”

The accident still took its toll on Garcia. He broke his right femur and his fibula and tibia in his left shin and ankle. It also left his lower half covered in scars, ones he intends to display at the Limitless show.

“I have a scar on my right hip from my femur surgery, scars all over my right knee from where they cut open to put the steel rod for the femur, and a scar on my ankle and left shin,” said Garcia. “And I wear those scars with pride. It shows what I have been through, and it’s also a testament to my family and friends, how they stood by me and helped me recover. So I’ll never hide them. Scars are signs that wounds can heal.”

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It took just six months for Garcia to return to the ring following his gruesome accident. Since then his already-vicious style has only intensified. A product of the Grappler’s Anonymous wrestling school in Buffalo, Garcia already has made an imprint on the industry in just four years. The Limitless match against Moriarty, which airs Saturday night on IWTV, represents another opportunity to display his craft to a wider audience.

“Lee Moriarty is an excellent professional wrestler, and people are going to see two hungry wrestlers obsessed with being the best,” said Garcia. “He’s a true student of the game, and he’s really obsessed with wrestling, just like me.

“Moriarty is a great opponent, and this match is my opportunity to show I am one of the best wrestlers not signed to a major contract in all of wrestling. Even if I was signed to a major contract, I truly still believe I’d still be known as one of the best wrestlers in all of wrestling. I’m tired of people thinking I’m not, and I plan on proving that at Vacationland Cup.”

A few months ago Garcia received a degree in communications from Buffalo State College. Since then, he has committed fully to wrestling. Centered around a technique and psychology where he wears down opponents and then forces them to submit, Garcia possesses a motor like few others.

“Wrestling is all I want to do,” said Garcia. “It is my sole focus. That’s why I’m dedicated to working out and watches shows. I’m constantly thinking of more ideas for my matches that no one else is doing. That’s the mentality I need to have in order to be great.”

The winner of the Vacationland Cup will win the Limitless Championship. There are many titles that exist within independent wrestling, but Limitless is an indie promotion that continues to grow in stature and credibility. Past champions include MJF, who is now starring in AEW, and Anthony Greene, who recently joined NXT, and the belt will certainly bring added exposure to whoever wins it.

“This card is really important,” said Garcia. “You’re going to see the next class that is going to take over the wrestling scene. After you watch my match [Saturday], you’ll know why I am going to be the one leading the way.”