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Q&A: Rush on Headlining ROH’s ‘Anniversary Show’ in Title Match vs. Jay Lethal

Ring of Honor wrestler Rush makes his entrance in a lucha libre mask

Rush looks to extend his reign as Ring of Honor world champion on Friday night in the main event of the company’s Anniversary Show pay-per-view. He will share the ring with Jay Lethal, a former two-time champ, in a match where a win would further establish himself as the face of ROH.

The older brother of Dragon Lee and son of Arturo Muñoz Sánchez (better known as La Bestia del Ring), Rush has brought meaning to his new faction, La Facción Ingobernable. He has been positioned in ROH as an unstoppable champion who will take any measures necessary to win, a role in which he is flourishing.

In an interview translated from Spanish, Rush spoke with Sports Illustrated, discussing his title defense, working with his family in ROH, and spoke about his longtime friend—and new free agent—Andrade.

Sports Illustrated: Andrade receiving his release from WWE is a major story. I know Friday night’s show was taped before the release occurred, but considering your history and friendship, would you like to have Andrade work beside you in La Facción Ingobernable?

Rush: Andrade is one of the greatest in all of the world. People know we are friends, and everyone wants to know about our recent conversations. La Facción Ingobernable is full of surprises. In the future, in the next few months, people will see that.

Sports Illustrated: You are in the midst of a career-defining run in this reign as champion. What is your proudest moment so far as ROH champion?

Rush: I am very proud to represent Ring of Honor, and its great history, as a Mexican champion.

SI: Jay Lethal had been known as the premier star in ROH. In addition to advancing the feud between LFI and the Foundation, is the Anniversary Show the opportunity you need to establish yourself as the face of the promotion?

Rush: Jay Lethal’s time has passed. I will make that clear in our match at the Anniversary Show. Tonight will show that Ring of Honor is built on El Toro Blanco and La Facción Ingobernable.

SI: There were so many different reports about where you and Dragon Lee would sign, including WWE. Why was ROH the best choice for you?

Rush: Ring of Honor is our home. I am champion now, and I also have many more goals to attain for both myself and ROH.

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SI: In addition to the ROH title, would you consider challenging Kenny Omega for AAA’s mega championship?

Rush: I am independent in Mexico. A new company is about to start there and create a real boom. Be prepared for some more surprises.

As for Kenny Omega, he is not invincible. He would learn that very quickly if he stepped into the ring with Rush.

SI: People often debate about who is the best wrestler in the world, and Dragon Lee certainly belongs atop that list. I know an unexpected minor surgery is keeping him off the Anniversary Show, but what makes your brother so special in the ring?

Rush: We learned from our father. That’s what makes everything we do so special and meaningful and real. Our father always demanded a lot from us, and we are who we are because of him. We always give the maximum. That is what people deserve to see, and as we learned, he made sure we gave nothing less.

SI: Congratulations on your new business, Toro Blanco Fast Foods, in Mexico. How did you come up with the idea?

Rush: All the credit goes to my wife. She supports me in everything I do. Starting Toro Blanco Fast Foods with her brings me much joy.

I hope all the people in Mexico try us. They should not hesitate, because the quality is going to be held to the highest standards.

SI: On the subject of family, how proud are you to work with your father, La Bestia del Ring, in ROH?

Rush: I am proud every time I see my father. He created his success from discipline, sacrifice, sweat and tears. He looks and wrestles like someone half his age. Ring of Honor is the chance of his life, and he is going to show the world why he is our father, the one that sets the standard we all follow.

SI: What is your next goal in ROH?

Rush: We will continue to make La Facción Ingobernable the most powerful faction ever in Ring of Honor. And everyone that steps in the ring with me will realize that, when you mess with El Toro Blanco, you get the horns.

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