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Andrade Finds New Home, Makes Debut on 'AEW Dynamite'

Over two months after being granted his release from WWE, star wrestler Andrade has found a new home.

Andrade made his AEW debut on Friday night, coming out for a surprise appearance during AEW Dynamite. He entered the ring in the middle of Mark Henry's segment, making a bold start to his career with a new organization.

Andrade is currently scheduled to take on current AEW champion Kenny Omega for the AAA Mega Championship in August at TripleMania. Omega holds belts for both organizations. This will be Andrade's first time competing in AAA.

While competing in WWE, Andrade won NXT and U.S. titles, the latter in 2019 after defeating Rey Mysterio. He'll lead a new faction called La Empresa, which includes Sam Adonis, Puma King, and Diamanté Azul.

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