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El Hijo del Vikingo Ready to Seize AAA’s Spotlight at ‘Triplemanía Regia’

The 24-year-old luchador is one of the most compelling wrestlers in the world and is on the precipice of winning the Mexican promotion’s top title.

Wrestling’s future takes center stage on Saturday in Monterrey, Mexico.

AAA’s Triplemanía Regia, which takes place at Estadio de Béisbol Monterrey, features a host of stars that includes Dragon Lee, Penta, Fénix, Laredo Kid, Psycho Clown and former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez. And while the show will miss the presence of world-class talent Kenny Omega, who just vacated the mega championship due to injury, AAA still has the opportunity to introduce the industry to El Hijo del Vikingo, wrestling’s next bona fide superstar.

In a match currently scheduled to main-event Triplemanía Regia, Vikingo meets reigning Ring of Honor champion Bandido, Bobby Fish, Jay Lethal and Samuray Del Sol in a five-way to crown the new mega champion.

Only 24, Vikingo is spectacular in the ring. He wrestles without border or boundary, and he is in the process of creating a revolutionary style.

Vikingo’s work has even drawn comparisons to Rey Mysterio’s ascent from the early 1990s. And there are few people more knowledgeable about the legendary Mysterio than wrestling great Konnan, who is AAA’s head of creative.

“I’ve always said there will never be another Rey Mysterio, just like there will never be another Michael Jordan,” says Konnan, who is the man responsible for helping introduce Mysterio to a global wrestling audience. “But even though there will never be another Jordan, there is still LeBron James. And Vikingo is that special, rare type of star.”

There have only been glimpses of Vikingo’s brilliance thus far into his career. But with this year’s Triplemanía Regia airing live on FITE, even more wrestling fans will see what makes Vikingo so remarkable in the ring.

“I’ve been here almost five years with AAA, and I’m putting in the work to be great,” Vikingo says through a translator. “Now I am surrounded by very talented company, and I am excited for this opportunity, my first to become mega champion.”

Vikingo has built a distinguished repertoire both in and out of the ring. He is most comfortable in the air, which will be noticeable Saturday. Moves that defy gravity are his specialty, a skill he credits to his unrelenting passion for lucha libre.

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“When I eat breakfast, I think about lucha libre,” Vikingo says. “Later in the day, when I eat dinner, all I think about is lucha libre. And when I sleep, I dream about lucha libre. My whole existence is thinking and dreaming about lucha libre.

“I can feel the movements. That’s when I think of new moves. If they are complicated, I go and practice until I bring it to life. My goal is to create and innovate what no one else can do, and then go out and do it.”

A singles match against Omega would have had the potential to be the most compelling match of the year. Due to a litany of injuries, Omega vacated the title and will not be on Saturday’s show, but Vikingo is still confident their match will take place one day.

“Kenny Omega, he is player No. 1 in wrestling,” Vikingo says. “There is nobody better than him right now. I believe our moment together will come true. I won’t lose faith that it will happen. His style and my style, that will make people watch, and no one will want to miss it.”

As 2021 turns to '22, the wrestling world continues to evolve. Vikingo’s rise will reach new heights in the coming year, especially if he becomes the face of AAA as mega champion. There is a plethora of opponents for him that will make appointment viewing, including Dragon Lee and Laredo Kid. And with AAA continuing to build its brand, Vikingo is the ideal choice to represent its presentation of raw, uncut lucha around the globe.

“I am ready to be the champion,” Vikingo says. “It is one of my goals, and I am so thankful to the public and the company for the opportunity to be in this match. This match will be like nothing before, and it is the perfect way to end the year.

“Throughout my career, I have known a lot of champions. Now it is my turn to become one.”

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