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WWE’s Dana Brooke Reveals She Missed ‘Raw’ Due to ‘Bad Car Accident’

WWE Raw star Dana Brooke was absent on Monday night’s show. The current 24/7 champion later explained that she missed the show due to a bad car accident she was involved in recently.

“Much [love] to the #wweuniverse for the support & love, standing up for me!” Brooke wrote on Twitter. “The reason why I was not on RAW last night was bc I got into a bad car accident the past week, I am doing good & will be back in no time! I really appreciate the love & couldn’t ask for better Fan support.”

The 33-year-old’s specific injuries remain unknown, although it sounds like she is recovering well and could be back soon. Brooke did not offer any idea as to when she plans to return to the show.

Brooke has remained a main participant on Raw since 2016. She’s held the 24/7 champion title six times and currently holds it. 

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