Trick Williams Wins WWE NXT Championship, Takes Major Step In Building His Legacy

WWE NXT has a new champion and his name is Trick Williams.
WWE NXT star Trick Williams makes his entrance.
WWE NXT star Trick Williams makes his entrance. / (via WWE)

Trick Williams is the king of WWE NXT.

Trick challenged Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Championship in the headliner for night one of Spring Breakin' 2024. Williams pulled out all the stops, stealing his opponent's signature moves and even driving him through the announce table.

In the end, Williams "Whopped That Trick."


Dragunov took Trick to his absolute limit, scoring two H-bombs off the top rope, but the second one actually proved to be his downfall. Dragunov hurt his wrist on the second attempt, allowing Trick to recover.

At the end of the match, Trick and Dragunov charged at each other, but Williams got there first. He landed Trick Shot to score the pinfall. He is now the new WWE NXT Champion. Trick is the gold standard of the NXT brand, putting a rest to the idea of him being a part of the 2024 WWE Draft.

Dragunov appears to be on his way to the main roster as is Trick's former friend turned rival Carmelo Hayes. It'll be interesting to see who steps up to challenge the newly-minted NXT titleholder. For now, Trick Williams will get to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

On the NXT broadcast, it was revealed that Trick's mother is in the hospital. Sports Illustrated's MMA Knockout wishes her the best at this time.

Who do you want to see Trick defend his WWE NXT Championship against first?

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