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Andrew Wiggins Decides on Kansas; Opposing Fans Decide He Should Blow His ACL

With no TV cameras, no hats and only one local reporter present at the Huntington Prep gym, Andrew Wiggins's understated approach to announcing his choice of college was an unusual but refreshing departure from what might have been expected of the best high school basketball prospect since LeBron James. Not understated? The reaction of Twitter trolls, who lashed out after Wiggins picked Kansas over Kentucky, Florida State and North Carolina.

Several of those fans, most of whom tweeted encouragement and good luck to Wiggins before his decision, responded with vitriol after he selected the Jayhawks at 12:12 PM ET. Many of them are college students themselves. There's a handful of NSFW language in here, and no shortage of offensive, odious gestures toward a high school senior. Also, guys, it's "tear."








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