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Thursday's P.M. Hot Clicks

Rihanna Rats Out J.R. Smith
Rihanna :: Michael Stewart/Getty Images Rihanna :: Michael Stewart/Getty Images


Rihanna shared her thoughts via Instagram today on why Knicks guard J.R. Smith has gone into a terrible shooting slump: He's been too hungover from clubbing every night. (For the record, the above photo is from May 7.)

Quote Of The Day

Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith has shared his harsh opinion of Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

He's Not Perfect After All
NBC's Mike Emrick is the best announcer in hockey and some think he's the best announcer in sports. However, even he is not above an amusing flub, which took place during last night's Red Wings-Blackhawks game.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Model Christen Dye gets today's LLOD honors.

We'll Miss The Aggressive Behavior

David Beckham announced his retirement earlier today. Hot Clicks will miss the hairstyles, but not nearly as much as female will miss showing their love and desire for Becks.

The Life Of Cheeseheads
TBS is developing a reality show on Packers fans.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

As regular readers know, Hot Clicks is on the L.A. Kings bandwagon thanks to Dustin Penner and his amusing tweets (such as going after Nickelback and calling out McDonald's). Truth be told, Penner is a Hot Clicks reader, so he was kind enough to do the Hot Clicks Podcast on his off day Wednesday afternoon. We talked about the NHL playoffs, his legacy of being associated with pancakes, stalkers and catfishers. Penner had one woman claim he was marrying her even though they had never met. He also had to take out a restraining order against another woman in Boston, and had to take action against a guy who was impersonating him. You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes or your mp3 player.

[audio http://ht.cdn.turner.com/si/hot-clicks/audio/2013/05/15/051513.traina_penner.mp3|titles=The Hot Clicks Podcast=L.A. Kings winger Dustin Penner joins the show|width=600]

Misheard Lyrics Video Of The Day

Did you make up any of these words to some '90s classics? Sure you did.

David Beckham Video Of The Day

In honor of the soccer legend's retirement, I give you his greatest interview of all time. (Warning: There is lots of NSFW language here.)