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Woot is a Den of Basketball Despair

Ever been to a breakup garage sale? They're never labeled as such, but it's clear that those items on the lawn are artifacts of a broken relationship. Maybe it's a woman selling men's items. Maybe the seller's expression is equal parts indignation and catharsis. Maybe top-shelf goods are being sold at otherwise inexplicably low prices. Whatever the tells, it's always obvious. It's always bleak.

Which brings us to this page on the daily deals website Woot.com. Seems people want to get rid of some basketballs. Among the liquidation specials are such souvenirs as:

  • A Jeremy Lin youth basketball. The Knicks saved $25 million by not matching Houston's offer to Lin. Now you can save $10 on this too-many-of-a-kind item.


  • A Phoenix Suns Steve Nash ball. Everything you need to know about Suns fans is summed up by the fact that these are sold out.nash
  • A pair of New Jersey Nets balls. Newark's loss is your savings bonanza.nets
  • Leftovers from a pair of rebranded teams. Raptors balls not yet available.catshornets

Such large, rubberized grains of salt in the wounds of so many fans. But the page contains another basketball, an ominous outlier among these heartbreaking relics:


What do you know, Woot? WHAT DO YOU KNOW?

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