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Bucks Forward Ekpe Udoh Calls Out Chris Broussard's Inability to Spell "Monta Ellis"

monte600 Scott Cunningham NBAE / Getty Images || Greg Nelson /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

Chris Broussard has made his share of conspicuous errors over the years. That's bound to be the case for anyone in the public eye as much as Broussard is, though, if we're being honest, Broussard's on a plane all his own. A minor—yet persistent—example: Monta Ellis has been in the NBA for eight years now and Broussard still can't spell his name:

It happened again today when Broussard provided a much-anticipated update on Ellis's free agency plans:

Now, it's a tough name. Monta is pronounced "mon-tay", a sound which would come more naturally from the spelling Broussard prefers. "Monta" confuses a lot of people, as evidenced by the regularity with which you hear people-- even NBA people-- say "Mon-tuh" and a quick Twitter search for the misspelling. But come on, Chris. You're a professional NBA reporter who clearly has a great source for Ellis intel, so you come across that name even more than most. How is this still an issue? At this point even Ellis's teammates (or former teammates, perhaps, given the news containing the typo) are noticing:

Monta. The name is bound to get tossed around a lot this summer, so it's worth taking note. Other people obviously are.

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