Extra Mustard

"Hockey Night in Canada" Opened Game 3 with a Superb Neil Young-Scored Montage

The CBC has been doing a tremendous job with its pre-game montages in these Stanley Cup playoffs; last night's opener, which was set to Hey Hey, My My, was no exception. Personal highlights include the still-rocking-hard-at-67 Neil Young, the quick fade in-and-out of legendary former Bruin (and, briefly, Blackhawk) Bobby Orr and, of course, the demonically possessed Blackhawks fan around the 2:10-mark.

Below are some of the other great ones from earlier in the playoffs:

Oasis: "Live Forever"; Boston vs Chicago Game 1

Radiohead: "Karma Police"; Pittsburgh vs Boston Game 3

Soundgarden: "Rusty Cage"; Ottawa vs Pittsburgh Game 2

Metallica: "Seek and Destroy"; Toronto vs Boston Game 7

(All videos via Tim Thompson)