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Man at LAX Has a Startling Resemblance to Eli Manning, and No Comment on Tim Tebow

With eerily similar fashion sense and the exact same haircut, this common man -- at least in the sense that he doesn't play quarterback for the New York Giants or have one more Super Bowl ring than his famous older brother -- doesn't exactly go out of his way to dispel TMZ's notion that he might be Eli Manning.

They even make the same face--if the paparazzi were confusing Eli Manning with whoever this guy is, this is precisely what Eli Manning would look like:

fake eli 2

According to Grantland writer Katie Baker, this particular misidentification has long been anticipated:

Since these interactions are inevitable, he should at least prepare a canned response to questions about Tim Tebow, because of course that's the first thing people would think to ask Eli Manning.
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