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The Best Thing About EA's Upcoming NHL 14 Is That It's Also NHL 94


On Tuesday we told you about the return of Bo Jackson to video game consoles; today, another early-90's gaming legend was reborn. Jeremy Roenick, he of so many NHL 94 highlights, appears in the newly-released trailer for the upcoming NHL 14:

Roenick's cameo is part of the hype montage for the game's  "NHL '94 Anniversary Mode", which features classic button controls (read: one-timers), no penalties (plus fights!), and retro aesthetics like the music, blue ice, and star player indicators of yore. It's not exactly the NHL 94 you played in your dorm room or basement back in the day, but it has the spirit. Pre-orders for NHL 14 begin today, and the game hits shelves September 10. That gives you two months to rediscover your old touch.

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