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Bud Selig Appeared On David Letterman, Implied That Reckoning is Coming for A-Rod

MLB commissioner Bud Selig went on the Late Show with David Letterman last night, where he performed a surprisingly funny and subversive five-minute stand-up set.

jk jk, he sat for an interview.

Letterman was persistent in trying to get the avid technologist to speak about a potential suspension for A-Rod (and about 20 other players). Selig in turn walked a tight rope by refusing to answer the questions directly ("Only time will tell ... we're in the midst of a very thorough and tough investigation"), but nevertheless gave away his intentions with body language in the form of various winks, nods, and snickers.

The major takeaway is that the Biogenesis story will continue to be SO MUCH FUN as it cycles from (perhaps improperly) leaked speculation to announced punishment to protracted union appeal to ultimately unsatisfying resolution.

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