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Akron Minor League Baseball Team Adopts "RubberDucks" Nickname


You read that right -- Cleveland's AA affiliate, once the Akron Aeros, is now officially the Akron RubberDucks. The name apparently derives from Akron's rich rubber-manufacturing history (though mostly for tires, not ducks).

Said owner Ken Babby:

The logo accomplishes a lot of things. Right off the bat, it represents the grit and fierceness of this blue-collar market. But it also represents the brand of entertainment that we're trying to create: a place where you can come in, have fun and forget life's problems.
Sometimes incorporating disparate elements into a single logo makes it incoherent, not intricate. Hopefully -- now that it's produced something target="_blank">straight from a muppet's nightmares -- the fierce and gritty logo trend can finally come to an end.
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