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Norwegian Hockey Player Celebrates with Minute-Long Dance Routine


Puck Daddy has the story of Adrian Alvarstein, of Narvik Hockey in Norway, who busted the above moves after an 8-3 win:

As both teams were heading to their respective locker rooms, Narvik forward Adrian Alvarstein felt a little more celebrating needed to be done. So when the arena started playing DJ Contiez's "Trumpsta", Alvarstein got bumpin'.

As you can imagine, Alvarstein has practiced these moves before. He told NRK.no that showing them off was limited to only the Narvik locker room. "I'm trying to get it out to all of Norway. When people hear the song, they should know that there is this dance that apply," he said.

I don't just think the NHL should allow this type of post-game celebrating, I think it should be mandatory. If each team replaced the designated fighter they carry on their roster with a designated dancer, wouldn't it be a much nicer league?

[Puck Daddy]

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