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eSports Is Getting Its SportsCenter

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When the U.S. recognized video gaming as an official sport over four months ago, it still lacked the legitimization of dedicated coverage—an ESPN for gaming. Well, MLG.TV, a new Internet-broadcast network from Major League Gaming, will provide exactly that.

With streaming, cable TV coverage, and a Twitch partnership under its belt, MLG has decided to create a network of its own. MLG.TV will stream professional gaming coverage live as needed, with their own shows airing Thursdays at 7 p.m. All shows will air in (up to) 1080p, and live gaming events will feature built-in Twitter chat.

eSports coverage features the same replays and highlight reels that you'd expect from traditional sports, and has a sizable audience behind it. Hundreds of thousands view League of Legends streams, and professional Call of Duty and StarCraft players have carved careers out of their gaming.

This is a significant step forward for professional gaming. Not only will MLG.TV provide the coverage the league needs—games journalists have other things to worry about, after all—it will also cement its credibility as a sport. 

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