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Cage Fighter/Record Store Owner Puts Shoplifter in a Choke Hold

Don't you just hate when you're shoplifting and you're interrupted by the store owner? And don't you just hate it even more when that store owner is a trained cage fighter?

Such was the bad luck for petty thief Shawn Frazier, who found himself on the receiving end of a choke hold from Thomas Anderton, the proprietor of Tom's Music Trade in Red Lion, PA.

When he's not subduing knife-wielding burglars, though, Anderton comes off rather gentle and considerate.

"Visited Tom's for the first time and came with a load of cds to sell," one Yelp reviewer recalls. "They were mostly outdated junk and I knew that but I figured Tom could do me a favor and take them off my hands. He gave me a fair amount in-store credit. After selecting several cds and going over my credit amount, he shook my hand, said 'We're good,' and sent me on my way."

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