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The Pistons Billionaire Owner May or May Not Be Posting about His Team on Reddit

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Last year both Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban conducted separate question and answer sessions on r/nba, which has a very active group of about 150,000 users. Meanwhile, a user by the name tom_gores (the account appears to have been deactivated), established on July 30, 2010, one year before Tom Gores bought the Pistons, has been lurking in the shadows, posting about leadership, Tom Gores, business, Tom Gores, and a Pistons "dunk of the week" video. Thanks to Guyism for the screencap of stories submitted by "tom_gores."

Of course there's nothing wrong with this, if indeed it was Tom Gores who was operating the "tom_gores" account. It's just incredibly bizarre. Why the heck would the billionaire owner post stories about himself as well as a dunk video? What are the entry level Pistons employees up to?!

We reached out to the Pistons for comment as to whether "tom_gores" is actually Tom Gores but have not heard back yet.

One article "tom_gores" submitted discusses Gores' desire to end the Pistons streak of missing the playoffs. Another is a "Dunk of the Week" video which elicited the reaction "what's so impressive about this dunk?" from user capt_0bvious.

Update: A representative for the Pistons told us that the account did/does not belong to Tom Gores and that they are investigating the source.

[H/T Guyism]

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