Extra Mustard

In Honor of Zimmerman v. DMX, Here are Our Favorite Celebrity Deathmatches

The news that DMX will fight George Zimmerman in a celebrity boxing match has prompted us to reflect back on a time when celebrity fights were strictly to the death and done in claymation. And thus it is with great pleasure, and remote shame, that I present Extra Mustard's favorite MTV Celebrity Deathmatches of all-time, because these are the only things that can possibly rival a George Zimmerman v. DMX boxing match in terms of complete and utter ridiculousness:

Bob Marley v. Shaggy:

The Three Stooges v. The Three Tenors:

Jim Carrey v. Mariah Carrey:

Joe Pesci v. Napoleon:

Kid Rock v. Eminem:

Rage Against the Machine v. The Machine:

And perhaps the most juvenile of them all...

Michael Jackson v. Madonna

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