Extra Mustard

Alabama Girls State Basketball Championship Ends 15-2 after One Team Stalls


Lee-Scott Academy knew they had to do something drastic to stand a chance against the Glenwood Gators, who had beaten them three times already this season, including a 32-point drubbing, so they decided to slow the pace down, a lot:

They held the ball for the rest of the first quarter, in fact, and then, except for one Glenwood possession, they held it until halftime, at which point Glenwood led 3-1.

“We kind of expected something different because we have beaten them three times,” Glenwood coach Julie Humphries said. “So I know that probably hurt (Prewett’s) feelings, and he had to try something.”

And yet, they still lost, 15-2, after the stalling had to stop. The lesson here, I guess: If you know you can't win, at least bore everyone watching.

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