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WATCH: Oakland A's Outfielder Josh Reddick Pies Delighted Four-Year-Old Fan

If you watched any Oakland A's games last season that ended with a late inning victory, you noticed a common occurrence: A player unsuspectingly getting a celebratory pie to the face.

That tradition took on a life of its own thanks to the rash of final at-bat victories towards the end of the season.

Four-year-old A's fan Giuseppe was particularly fond of the ritual, and because of this got the opportunity to meet Oakland outfielder Josh Reddick recently, who is also known as 'Pie-derman' (Get it?).

Upon their meeting, Reddick and his young fan exchanged jokes and with the assistance of Giuseppe's parents, the veteran pied the young man in the face. Of course the adorable kid couldn't contain his excitement.